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Driven by change that matters

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Besa Global drives positive change on strategic issues in fragile and conflict affected spaces. We innovate by combining our expertise in anti-corruption, peacebuilding, and civil society strengthening with our technical know-how in context analysis, program design, monitoring and evaluation. By transcending sectoral silos and honouring a deep commitment to learning, we continuously deepen our understanding and adapt our approaches.

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Why have decades of efforts to address civil service corruption yielded little lasting change? This research-to-practice report seeks to fill the research-to-action gap. It translates our findings from a literature review of the role of social norms in driving corruption among civil servants into practical considerations for actors working in contexts of endemic corruption. The literature review found robust evidence that social norms can drive corrupt practices among civil servants in contexts of endemic corruption. When left unaddressed, these social norms can undermine gains made by conventional anti-corruption, public sector reform, and civil service professionalization efforts. In this report, we unpack the seven key takeaways from this primary finding, explain the supporting research, and offer practical implications for practitioners working on bureaucratic corruption.


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